Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Annunaki

 Star Vessel Nibiru. 39 Light years from Zeta Reticuli Binary System.

“Bel Marduk, we have arrived at the target system, behold Sol. We have made contact with the 13 families of the chosen, they say all is prepared. We are hidden behind the Corona sphere of the star, as requested. Are you certain that this was necessary?”

“Yes, the third planet has made six thousand orbits of this star since our departure. We had fast tracked their evolution prior to setting the programme in place. They would have developed rudimentary star vessels by now and may be able to scan for us. It is good that we arrive when we do, lest they seek us out.”

“But Great lord, surely the 13 families are in charge, what does it matter what the slaves may think?”

“They run the planet for us, hidden in plain sight. As on other worlds, these senients develop ideas of liberty in their societies. These desires need to be controlled, lest anarchy takes hold and the programme is disrupted. Slaves they remain yet think they think themselves free. Close the blast shields, though only a solitary star, Sol’s brightness hurts my eyes.”

“As you command Bel Marduk.”

Presidential Palace, Tehran, Iran

“President Mansoor, the avenue is completed. Our workers have been working tirelessly night and day.”

“That is good Sorush, these are the final days my friend I feel it. Soon our enemies will be crushed; the Great Satan defeated and Israel scoured from the earth, Allah be praised. They fear that we are developing nuclear weapons! Ha! When the Hidden Imam arrives in glory to ride to us along his avenue he will see we are worthy inheritors. We will cleanse the world, with divine fire, of the Kaffir, apostates and followers of falsehood. We have gold, we have leverage.”

Vatican City, Rome, Italy

“Ah Brother Gabriel, come in, come in.”

“Thank you, your Holiness. Here are the papers you asked for, four centuries of astronomical observations as well as treatises and theological discussions of findings shared by NASA and the ESA. Has the time come, your Holiness?”

“Yes Brother Gabriel, as prophesised the time is upon us. That is why my predecessor stood down, rather than serve God until his blessed passing. He wished to spend his twilight years in quiet contemplation, free of the terrible burden we bear for all humanity. Besides, some of even the chosen have decided to remain; to attempt to guide humanity through the coming chaos.”

“Will you remain your Holiness?”

“I’m in two minds Gabriel. On one yes I wish to guide the flock through the coming days of darkness, but my other yearns to travel the stars, to see what lies beyond. What will you do Gabriel?”

“As an astronomer, I have no choice but see the stars first hand. I take it the tribute is readied, your Holiness?”

“Indeed Gabriel we have gathered all the gold, accumulated since St Peter first set his church in Rome. Not for nothing did I choose the simple austere life. I had to set an example and payment has to be made in full.”

“Absolutely, your Holiness. If you need help with the papers please let me know.”

“Thank you Gabriel, I may well take you up on the offer. I will get working on my address. Who would have thought; the Pope announcing the existence of intelligent alien life?”

Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA

“Is that the last shipment Hank?”

“Yes Walt, as per the Rockafeller protocol we have dispatched a limited amount to the German Bundesbank, the rest will remain here.”

“But the Germans will test the bars for purity surely?”

“Maybe. They aren’t US Assay Office Bar quality that’s for sure and contain iron and nickel impurities. But by the time they find out, it will be too late.”

“Well we’ve replaced what we’ve sent out anyway. We now have the gold from Ukraine and the reserves that Libya held.”


“Absolutely. Old Gadaffi based his Dinar on actual gold reserves. We worked with the Rothschild’s and Hapsburgs, and their political puppets, to engineer his downfall. And people thought it was about oil!”

“Who else has gold Hank?”

“Well there’s Iran and the other one was Assad’s Syria, unfortunately the Syrian project fell through, thanks to our agents going rogue and becoming ISIS. Too late now of course, now the gods of old are arriving.”

Niniveh, Assyria, Modern Iraq

“Place the Semtex, destroy this pagan place and its idols. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!”

“But Sheikh, this is our heritage, the cradle of human civilisation.”

“It is pagan.  We cannot suffer this place to be. This Marduk is but a false god. Destroy his image now! There is no god but Allah!”

Star Vessel Nibiru. In orbit around Sol

“Bel Marduk, what image shall you project?”

“My ancient form I wore in Sumeria is no longer apt really. I will appear as an angelic being of light to the believers and a demon of darkness to those that question. The blessed will ascend while the cursed wallow in the darkness of their poisoned world.”

“They will not follow, seeking revenge?”

“They won’t be able to. We will have all this world’s gold. Without gold it is not possible to produce warp capacitors for star travel.”

“Their world is poisoned Great One?”

“Indeed, through their industry they have polluted the seas, the land and the air. In addition the chosen have kept humanity in a near permanent state of war, kept these primates in a state of slavery, having to work and keep industry going so as to feed and clothe themselves. All the time they have mined the gold from the rocks of their world, coveted it and gathered it. The 13 families have managed to accumulate the entire world’s wealth through the system of money and religions we taught them to perpetuate, whilst subverting and subduing their true spiritual nature. To be certain our agents have seeded the skies with chemicals, made food production reliant on genetically modified food crops that have an inbuilt kill self-destruction in their DNA. We have also been systematically eliminated insect pollinators. With no food production, their religious and government leaders gone, their economies in ruins and a plethora of weapons and a warlike nature; no they need trouble us not.”

“I will programme your required image into the holo-projectors, Great One.”

“On second thoughts, I think I will go as Marduk, after all let humanity tremble, for the Annunaki have returned….”

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