Thursday, 25 February 2016

The God Machine's report

Evolution Observation Platform Planet 3 (God Machine) – Planetary cycle 73,000000. Hybrid species 4 period.

Star status – G Type Main Sequence Plasma sphere – approx. half way thru active cycle.

Gravitational exertion – normal – Plant 3’s core remains hot, tectonic movement fluid.

Atmosphere stable and aerobic.

Surface liquid tidal range normal (see gravitational exertion grid)

Biodiversity levels falling in all ecological niches.

Pollutant levels increasing. Synthetic micro pollutants now present in many multi-cellular species in all environments. Radiation levels increasing, emanating from eastern seaboard of largest saline hydro reservoir due to tectonic reaction with species 4 energy production plant. Future marine multi species  threat - high

Quantum vibration status mainly dormant. Through use of nutritional and mass media environmental suppressors Species 4 remains responsive to the illusionary matrix. However glitches have appeared in the last 20,000 cycles threatening economic performance. Recent communication developments and cosmological investigation in Species 4 could offer a potential threat to usual conflict default protocols with the additional threat of pineal stimulation.  Societal breakdown, quantum hysteria and further matrix propaganda are currently being employed, however environmental threats and economic ennui are making Species 4 increasingly difficult to manipulate.

Hybrid Species 4 is now fully established as dominant life-form across all environments. Despite low quantum vibration levels Species 4 remains robust and adaptable. Species 4 is prone to aggression and self culls on a mass scale, however due to God Machine influence on female fertility population growth has been sustained. Synthetic micro pollutants (see above) may reverse this trend and cause a population collapse as planned.

 Mineral extraction at peak levels. Most available Yellow Transition Metal from the planetary crust has been accumulated by Species 4. Extra planetary mineral extraction could yet supply further yellow transition metal, however discovery of God Machine’s true status is a real possibility which, coupled with emergent quantum vibration, will destroy the illusionary matrix template.

Suggest harvest takes place within next 10000 cycles prior to permanent Species 4 colonies establishing on God Machine and beyond.

Species 4 genome may prove useful in other star systems after collection. However, suggest eradication of Species 4 on Planet 3 to prevent future retaliatory actions.