Thursday, 4 December 2014

Tomb Weaver

The bullets ripped through the air -a deadly storm of iron - hungry for flesh to rend, thirsting for blood to spill; eager to snuff lives like candles. Lara somersaulted, as the air she once had occupied boiled in an eruption of hot leaden death. But she was fast and skilled; the one behind the guns had signed his death warrant. Morality could be set aside as she grabbed her twin Desert Eagles from their holsters. Both guns spoke as she came to a stop landing on her feet, beside her would be assassin.  The assailant, who had shot at her, was thrown back in his death throes, away from the 0.50 Cal machine gun, as her bullets tore his chest open.

Lara holstered her desert Eagles with a flourish and tossed her long plaited hair. Normally she would search the body and surroundings for ammo, medical supplies or clues on her quest but this time she stood still, the virtual sounds of the denizens of the mountains all around her.


Away from the scene of Lara’s triumph beyond the screen of plasma and LED light, from the wire that fed from the console, the ergonomic controller slipped from Gavin’s hand. He drooled as his head slumped to one side, his breathing became long and slow, as he was lulled into sleep by the croaks of crows and mewing of buzzards, riding high on the thermals in the entertaining virtual world.


“I’m bored. “ Skuld said in irritation. She prodded the weight on her loom, and scowled as it swung back and forth

Gudr looked up from her work. “Bored, little sister? How can you be bored? You weave men’s fates, here at the Well of Wyrd. We create a tapestry of existence from time’s dawn to Ragnarok.”

“Ragnarok? It can’t come fast enough. Hasten Fenrir the wolf, even if it does mean the end of the  world which we overlook!”

Gudr’s anger grew. “You won’t say this in the pit of the wolf’s stomach” Now pick up the loom and weave!”

"Cease your arguing, both of you." The third sister Rotr commanded. "Weaving at the Well of Wyrd puts us above Midgard and Asgard. Those below may not pay homage to the Aesir as they once did, but they are subject to fate and beholden to us however superior they attest to be."

"So be it!" Skuld said sulkily, "But men will feel my wrath."

Gudr and Rotr shared a smile as their little sister picked up the bloody spear she used as a shuttle and wove with purpose. The weight span on the loom, it was a man's head, his lifeless eyes open and fearful.


Gavin woke with a start. His eyes focused on the plasma screen before him and he resumed the game. His heart beat faster, he hadn't seen this before. He ran out of options, his thumbs ached as he tried this and that to no avail.


The beast rose from below the cliff. Lara drew her desert eagles and shot at the foul creature, the bullets bounced off its armoured hide. She ran to the 0.5 Cal machine gun, but the beast's fist smashed it to smithereens before she reached it. Lara twisted and jumped backward avoiding the creature's swipe. She ran. If she jumped with enough momentum she could reach the other cliff and hide in the caves. Reaching the ledge she launched herself into the air. A fist swung down striking her in mid air, her health bar turned from green to red as she fell to the earth.


"No way!" Gavin shouted at the screen as the words Game Over appeared in ridiculing fashion.


Skuld smiled a smile as she virtually wove the fates of mortals.

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