Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Playing GOD

“Look at them all, such diversity, it never ceases to amaze me what is possible on these Class M worlds.”

“Indeed, this one is particularly fecund. It’s really moved on since we seeded it and moved things on a pace from that Reptoid evolutionary dead end it had got stuck on.”

“Ha, yes, although it was quite interesting; how those creatures tore into each other, such violence! Eating each other alive! This DNA strain on this world is amazingly tenacious. How long has it been since we altered the genus destiny?”

“Oh I think that was approximately 65 million orbits around this star now. I shudder to think what would have happened if we had allowed them to achieve sentience. Some of them were starting to advance to that stage and were showing promise; however, I believe we were correct in not letting them achieve technological level 2.”

“Really? You mean some had got to Technical level 1? I didn’t realise that was happening.  I thought, as you said, it was at an evolutionary dead end?”

“We’ve called it so in the history books of course, but one species in the western hemisphere (the Sauranoids) had reached a rudimentary level of city state in their nesting sites.  They were beginning to evolve increased cranial capacity and using tools to augment their environment. They looked uncomfortably similar to Draconians. We ensured that the catastrophic extinction event had its epicentre on their range. You can see the crater just east of that peninsular there. It looks just like a stellar accident, like those suffered previously, no one would ever know, they had even existed. “

“Yes, I see it. But what of the Draconians of the Drago system? If they should ever learn that we had purposely stifled their genetic contribution to the Genesis mission, their response doesn’t bear thinking about.”

“Well, quite. I endeavoured to be thorough, in case some archaeologist ever pokes around there; the comet destroyed all traces of settlement and their species fossil record. They have been completely deleted from history. Its was a shame but we both know what the Draconians can be like and we have to think of the greater galactic peace. It's a constant struggle for the ambassadorial caste to keep them from their warlike tendencies. They would have claimed this system for their empire if the Sauranoids had evolved further, of that I’m sure. I blame it on their carnivorous impulses; the forward looking eyes and teeth. Despite our long peace with Drago, and their current sophistry, they are unable to deny their evolutionary heritage… and we would do well not to forget it or trust them completely.”

“Or them us, it would seem!”

“Ha ha, all I do, I do for the greater good of the universe in general and that of Epsilon Bootes in particular.”

“Why did we require the input of Drago DNA anyway?”

“It’s one of those bizarre things that happens this far out from the galactic core. Only carnivorous organisms, with forward looking optical organs seem to develop the cranial capacity required for rapid evolutionary advancement. It’s an arms race in tooth and claw. So to give it some impetus the Drago strain was required. “

“And yet you snuffed it out with a comet strike?”

“Not entirely, another branch had shot in a different direction becoming smaller and endothermic. They were ideal candidates to survive the nuclear winter caused by the particulate fallout from the catastrophic extinction event. The end result, freed from their Reptoid cousins’ shadow, you now see before you.”

“It is amazing. Look at the megafauna that evolved from such tiny beginnings.  It all looks so green and innocent too… Hang on though, why are we here, we could easily have observed from our own system without having to get Genetic Override Dispensation?”

“I brought you here because I’ve now made my final species selection and I’ve chosen you to have overall control of the experiment from now on.”

“Me? I’m honoured, but why are you giving up the Genesis programme yourself?”

“I’ve developed a general ennui about this experiment these past few eons and this experiment deserves better, especially as it is now reaching the stage when our selection could be capable of reaching for the stars. Besides, Black Hole mechanics has always been my forte and a vacancy in the Quantum Continuum has arisen; I had to grab it with all twelve tentacles of light. Besides I feel I can trust you with this work.”

“Well you’ll be sorely missed; your contribution has been outstanding. I can assure you that you can trust me, our discussion regarding Drago will never be known.”

“Excellent, I knew I was correct in choosing you, indeed it also made my final selection for the next stage that much easier. You see, as luck would have it, they are actually made in your image. Here I’ll show you, there’s a group of them just down there.”

“Where, I can’t see… Oh, those Simians chasing that large, hairy, horned ungulate? They look nothing like me!”

“Ha ha, don’t you think? True they’re a tad rough around the edges, but in general shape you look similar. They’ve lost their tails so I’ve started calling them Hominids, myself.”

“I see they’re using fire and working as a team?”

“Yes, their cranial capacity shows promise, almost as good as the Cetaceans, but crucially these Simians, or Hominids, have developed dexterous skills and have opposing thumbs.”

“They not very big and impressive though, are they? I’m amazed they can cope with all these enormous predators around. “

“Size isn’t everything, besides that’s why I’ve managed to obtain the Genetic Override Dispensation. I’m going to alter the climatic conditions to cause a few mass extinctions again, just to give your Simians a little hand up, as it were. We’ve been working with a few branches of Hominids; I’ll leave the final decision to you, as to which one will flourish.”

“Can’t I keep them all?”

“Alas no. They will hunt other creatures and each other with ruthless ferocity and identify any differences amongst themselves as a legitimate target.  As much as we try to suppress it, that old Drago DNA strain will always show itself. I did have an idea as to control their inbuilt bloodlust however…”

“Go on, I’m listening.”

“It’s genius really. We want them to look upward and reach for the stars, right? So I thought we could also give them a sense of spirituality and self-consciousness. Make them aware of their limited life span and give them a sense of the eternal oneness and peace of the Universe. That gaining control of their more base instincts could actually give them access to it.”

“Ah! Hence the Genetic Override Dispensation!”

“Exactly, we play with the GOD, and as you are light shaped, in a similar form to them; who else but you could take this programme further?”

“Oh that’s brilliant. Of course I accept this task. I will walk among them and teach them spirituality. I’ll influence them just enough for them to form religions, without interfering too much of course.”

“I knew I could rely on you. Good luck with the rest of the Genesis programme but I doubt that you’ll need it. After all, once they discover their spirituality and develop religions, they won’t have any excuse to kill each other…”

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  1. Excellent post Rob. I love this analogy. And so true - if only